For THERAPY, we apply concepts of functional anatomy, physiology and joint biomechanics. To understand the origin of pain we must first understand how movement occurs. Movement occurs when the brain sends a command through the spinal cord, which transmits it through the spinal nerves until it reaches a particular muscle group, which contracts to move the joint.

It is not necessary to section the medulla for there to be an alteration of the movement; any degree of compression exerted on the nervous system will affect a given muscle group and therefore the chain of movement.

The human body is in constant movement thanks to the bone structure that supports it and the spinal column, which protects the spinal cord, is a gear of parts that move with specific and complex mechanical patterns.

Any alteration in the mechanics of the human body will have consequences in certain areas of the locomotor system, which will be reflected in the form of pain, this is an alarm mechanism that tells us that we have something that is not working well.

In SOMA the treatment applied is aimed at restoring the normal mechanical conditions of the spine to eliminate any degree of compression in the spinal cord and thus, to have a good quality of movement.





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